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Uniting innovation and precision.

We are Yunex Built, a distinctive sub-brand of Yunex Traffic, uniting excellence and precise end-to-end manufacturing services. Emerged from our world-class manufacturing facility in Poole (UK), we are specialised in the assembly of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) products for a wide range of industries.

As a ‵One-Stop-Shop’ for electronic manufacturing, we offer PCB assembly, design, repair and more. Our repair cell highlights our commitment to quality and sustained relationships. Join us in experiencing precision engineering and cutting-edge technology “made in the UK”.

Our story

We are Yunex Built

Our global manufacturing team now operates as a specialised division of Yunex Traffic: Yunex Built. Yunex Built is our new sub-brand established to expand Yunex Traffic’s services and products into various manufacturing industries extending beyond the companys established focus on traffic and transport. Therefore, Yunex Built is an integral part of Yunex Traffic, representing our efforts to cater to a broader range of industries.

Our values

Driving excellence through collaboration and innovation

We believe in teamwork and partnerships, collaborating with businesses across various industries. Our passion for innovation leads us to constantly embrace new technologies, redefining manufacturing. With our extensive experience, we ensure top-notch quality in everything we offer. Alongside these values, we’re dedicated to sustainability, always improving, and committed to delivering our very best.

Mission, Vision and Purpose

At Yunex Built, we transform possibilities into realities. It is our mission to build on our rich heritage of over 50 years of experience and to deliver high quality, innovative manufacturing solutions that empower businesses and individuals around the world to thrive. We achieve this through a commitment to collaboration, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and consistently delivering products of the highest quality.

Manufacturing Services

Renowned for our manufacturing prowess, we proudly set the benchmark for unparalleled production engineering expertise. Our comprehensive suite of manufacturing capabilities and services encompass everything from intricate PCB design, build and repair to meticulous box build assembly, catering to diverse sectors. At our award-winning facility in Poole, we go above and beyond to meet your manufacturing requirements, ensuring consistent and efficient delivery of manufactured excellence.

Quality and Sustainability

Our facility in Poole, UK is a model of manufacturing excellence. The facility features highly flexible production cells capable of rapid changeovers, making it ideal for efficiently handling diverse manufacturing requirements. We ensure superior quality and reliability by meeting the latest industry standards. In 2023, our facility received six prestigious industry awards, including The Manufacturer MX “Manufacturer of the Year” award, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation in multiple areas.

Empowering the innovators of tomorrow.

Let’s bring innovation to life together. Our experts are here for you!

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