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Traffic Signal Controllers

ST950 Traffic Signal Controller

Building on the company’s unrivalled 70 year traffic engineering heritage and over 30 years’ experience of microprocessor-based traffic controller design, the ST950 traffic controller represents the very latest in a long line of proven and highly successful traffic controllers designed and built in the UK by Yunex Traffic.

The ST950 CPU provides the basis for the controller family supporting LV, ELV and Plus+ variants for both intersection and pedestrian control. 

The controller family is fully compatible with the whole range of Yunex Traffic street-furniture, including Helios CLS LED traffic signals, LED nearside signals and LED wait indicators, providing intersection and pedestrian methods of control at both LV (230V) and ELV (48V, 42V and 40V) output drive levels which all offer significant power and cost savings compared with conventional incandescent solutions. 

To simplify user interaction with the controller, the ST950 provides an extensive web browser interface which is accessible either locally or remotely.  Offering a consistent look and feel with the free-standing Gemini UTMC OTU, this interface is able to be accessed locally via a USB port on the controller, remotely via Ethernet or using a simple plug-in Wi-Fi interface module.

By incorporating Plus+ technology with the ST950, the third generation traffic signal solution which offers flexible deployment topographies, a range of benefits including health and safety, environmental, socioeconomic and installation and maintenance can be realised.

Features summary:

  • Fully integrated UTMC OTU, MOVA 7 and MOVA 8 functionality.
  • 230V, ELV (48V, 42V and 40V) and Plus+ lamp drive systems.
  • Fully approved to TOPAS 2500 and TOPAS 2513.

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