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Pedestrian Countdown

PCaTS (Pedestrian Countdown at Traffic Signals)

PCaTS units display how long is left on the pedestrian blackout period. They’re used on the far side of the crossing, and shows the pedestrian exactly how long is left to safely cross the road before the pedestrian red man appears. This is particularly helpful when the blackout period is quite long.

PCaTS and regulatory signs are now available as part of our Plus+ traffic control system, both helping encourage safe, active travel.

The PCaTS units have very visible ‘double stroke’ LED digits, meaning pedestrians can always clearly see the unit.

This visual appearance is enhance by a flay lens which is ‘black masked’, meaning it minimises sun phantom reflections. Typically, this isn’t required, as the unit works well without one, but the unit can be fitted with a small hood if it is wanted.

Once installed, our PCaTS unit doesn’t require any configuration; it automatically detects the blackout period after learning two cycles of the signals.
To synchronise timing with the blackout periods, there are direct connections to the red and green signal feeds via isolated input circuits, designed to ensure there’s no impact on the controller or on safety monitoring. These inputs also sense the dim and bright state of the signals – the PCaTS unit automatically dims when the associated pedestrian signals dim.

Our PCaTS unit is fully compatible with LV (230V) and ELV (48V) systems. For ELV systems, both the Advanced ‘DC’ and basic AC lamp drive voltage types are accommodated.

The units are separately powered, able to accommodate both 24V (AC/DC) and 48V (DC) supply systems, without the need for special configuration or link connections. The support for 24V supplies allows the units to be powered using existing detector power supply cabling, if it is available at the pole top.

The Yunex Traffic PCaTS units are compatible with our Helios Traffic signals; they are able to be easily installed, either as part of a new installation or as an adaption to an existing site. The units can also be modified to use at sites which use the Peek Elite traffic signal range.

Our PCaTS design delivers a robust solution, but it also includes monitoring. If a problem is detected, the unit will automatically extinguish and provide a clear indication of what the fault using visual LEDs on the front of the unit, and by an isolated fault output – if required, this can be connected to the host traffic signal controller and monitored with fault monitoring equipment.

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