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We provide a wide range of poles for traffic signal installations including a unique design of aluminium poles, aluminium passively safe poles as well as traditional steel poles in a range of sizes and forms.

Yunex Traffic Aluminium Pole Range

All of our aluminium poles are compliant with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulations and each pole is individually CE/UKCA marked.  They have been designed to be mounted in NAL or similar retention sockets and are approximately half the weight of the equivalent steel pole, improving health and safety by considerably easing manual handling tasks.

Our aluminium pole range has been designed with an anticipated life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

All aluminium variants use our unique Mushroom compact termination system.  This allows the access door to be located at a more convenient working height than conventional low level access poles, and enables the poles to retain a constant 115mm diameter over their full length.

In summary our aluminium pole range offers:

  • Compliant with BS EN 12899 and CE/UKCA marked
  • Advanced mid-level access design
  • Constant 115mm diameter for full length of the pole
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Hard anodised surface finish in black and light grey
  • About half the weight of steel poles, easing installation issues
  • Full range of accessories including vented top caps and suitable brackets
  • Anticipated life expectancy in excess of 50 years.
Mushroom connector

Aluminium Passively Safe Pole Range

The Yunex Traffic range of passively safe aluminium traffic signal poles are passively rated to 70:NE2 and 100:NE2 against BS EN 12767:2007.

Aluminium Mid-Level Access Poles (MLAP)

The Yunex Traffic aluminium mid-level access pole retains many of the desirable features of aluminium passively safe poles but at a lower cost making it an attractive alternative to traditional steel poles.

Further to the anodised surface finish in black and light grey the aluminium mid level access pole is also available in an anodised ECO finish (natural and black) which eliminates the use of a plastic coating and ensures ease of recycling at the end of life.

Steel Poles

We offer a range of traditional steel poles which includes our low level access pole design.

The low-level access pole system enables access to street terminations for ELV traffic signal poles from ground level, easing maintenance tasks and enhancing safety by reducing the need to work at height.  The pole offers terminations near to ground level, contained within a water-resistant enclosure, whilst maintaining many useful features found in normal traffic signal poles.

In summary, the steel low-level access pole offers:

  • Standard 114mm diameter at top and bottom
  • Designed to fit in NAL retention sockets
  • Low level access via close tolerance flush fitting door fitted with screw lock fixings
  • Allows nearside and wait indicators to also be installed at their normal heights
  • Street terminations contained within a water resistant enclosure for maximum reliability
  • Vented pole cap, providing natural ventilation to the pole.