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UTC-UX – the next generation of urban traffic management

The successful management of traffic in the 21st century places many demands upon the Local Authority.

Local Authorities face a delicate balancing act of rising emissions, the growing need to support active travel modes, and traffic volumes are continuing to grow faster than the capacity of the road network.  Therefore, Local Authorities require a system which gives them the tools to overcome these challenges – and has the ability to manage their network remotely.

UTC-UX is such a system, which monitors traffic signals for correct operation, implements fixed time plans and provides fully adaptive traffic control systems to meet the policies of the town or city.

Our UTC system has proven itself in over 150 towns and cities across the globe as effective in reducing congestion and maximising the efficiency of the road network.  The latest release of the UTC-UX software builds on over 30 years of domain knowledge and experience gained from worldwide deployments to bring a brand new, intuitive user experience to the market.

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Latest User Experience upgrades in UTC-UX

Yunex Traffic has worked closely with Traffic Engineers and Network Operators to design and implement the latest generation of the browser-based user interface of UTC-UX. Users will have access to easy-to-understand visualisations which brings traffic control to life. Find what you’re looking for quickly, UTC-UX brings the information you need straight to you with clever widgets that presents relevant information to you.

UTC-UX delivers several key improvements over the current UTC system including:

  • Improved User Dashboards and Monitoring screens to quickly understand the state of the entire network.
  • Live database updates for all parameters so that the system can be updated at any time of day.
  • Intuitive SCOOT® plans editor so that users can easily visualise even the most complicated of multi-nodes
  • Streamlined Timetable editor for managing all different types of day for your network
  • Upgraded user management to control who has the right access to your system
  • Many improvements across the UTC-UX interface

With existing UTC-UX customers being seamlessly upgraded under existing support contracts, gaining additional system benefits whilst maintaining SCOOT® functionality, UTC-UX will also provide access to a number of licensed modules including:

  • FUSION adaptive control, including an upgrade route from SCOOT® to FUSION
  • New Bus Monitoring display to assist users with granting bus priority
  • Area filters to help manage larger networks by partitioning the network into smaller areas
  • Fast UTC operation for combination with simulation packages such as Aimsun
  • Single Sign On for integration with a Local Authority’s Active Directory
New Bus Monitoring display to better understand when SCOOT is granting priority


Hosted UTC-UX

Yunex Traffic was the first to introduce cloud-based, real-time adaptive traffic control to the market with hosted UTC running on the Microsoft Server operating system. The current version, UTC-UX, builds on this with direct secure-by-design internet access with two-factor authentication for system access and peace of mind.

Hosted UTC-UX System Benefits:

  • Hosted systems bring many benefits compared to locally-deployed systems, including enhanced security, automated backups and proven fast-restore procedures in the event that the underlying hardware fails. All managed by Yunex Traffic.
  • UTC-UX works with modern internet browsers and removes the need for specialised client software; one less thing for your IT department to worry about.
  • Still not convinced that hosted is the solution for you? Then a locally deployed UTC-UX server-based system running Microsoft Server 2022 could be the answer.