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A hosted fault and asset management system designed specifically for the traffic market

InView enables contract managers responsible for any size of asset base to keep accurate records of on-street assets, from traffic controllers and signals, through to individual loops and detectors. But it’s not just for traditional traffic assets, a large number of customers use InView for managing their electromobility and enforcement assets too.

InView provides an intuitive secure web-based environment to manage site data, individual asset details and associated fault reporting, tracking and periodic maintenance scheduled all in one place.

Efficient day-to-day Contract Management

Maintenance contract management is a key feature of InView.  It is fully configurable to meet the specifics of your contract, with customisable fault codes, severities and plain English Service Level Agreement (SLA) configuration tools that mirror your contract specific requirements. 

Faults can be entered in InView either manually or automatically from our other traffic management systems including Stratos and UTC.  Always up to date, InView progresses the fault through its life cycle from “Draft”, “Submitted”, “In Progress” through to “Temp Clear” (if not fixed on first visit) and “Resolved” as the Engineer updates the status directly from site. 

InView helps to ensure that Periodic Inspections are performed on time and that reports are made available to you quickly and efficiently.  Inspections tasks are managed directly in InView through the free Android Mobile application and the engineer can simply flag anything that needs your attention.  

Contract specific reporting enables the conversation between you and your maintenance provider to check that everything remains on track.  Powerful data export tools enable you to get to your data quickly and produce those adhoc data views that are sometimes needed. 

The latest version of InView introduces mapping enabling you to visualise where your sites are, with clear icons identifying the primary function.  Site status including current faults, periodic inspections and SLA status are clearly visualised.  Integrated live Yunex Traffic Engineer location tracking enables our contact centre to allocate faults more effectively and provide improved lone worker support.

Want to see what the on-site engineer is seeing? Then opt for the document storage facility allowing photos to be uploaded quickly, direct from site using the mobile app and stored alongside the fault record.

InView’s powerful relational database provides the ability to capture just about any data that you can think of for your individual assets on a site-by-site and asset-by-asset basis. Asset lifecycle data including installed, commissioned and decommissioned data when linked to asset condition and your contract’s Schedule of Rates starts to enable complex asset replacement programs and financial forecasting to be brought to life.

Why keep data twice? The optional Elexxon reporting add-on feature uses the data already held in InView to quickly produce your electricity usage reports in a ready-to-submit format.

Need something a bit more bespoke to manage your contractual needs?

Availability contracts offer a different approach to managing your asset base focusing on the time where a site is operational in each period rather than how long it takes to fix an individual fault.  InView is fully configurable with different site classes, availability targets at both class and individual sites.  Availability categories, with configurable fault code assignment, and site type configuration all add up to a highly configurable and effective management system.

InView continues to be used successfully to effectively manage the TfGM availability style Traffic Signal Maintenance contract.

InView is cloud hosted using Amazon Web Services.  The application itself is managed directly by Yunex Traffic. We take care of application security ensuring the underlying services are always up to date, with regular backups, security updates, always on virus and intrusion protection.  Just one thing less for you and your IT department to worry about.

Contact us

Contact us

Our applications team can help with the migration from other database sources so contact our experts now and discuss how InView can work for you and your current and future assets.


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