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Traffic Management Systems


The UK market leading strategic traffic management solution, with a constantly growing suite of capabilities and system interfaces. Designed to keep traffic managers informed and traffic flowing.

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Our latest generation of Urban Traffic Control, providing modern and advanced configuration, management and visualisation, and full compatibility with FUSION adaptive control.

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Adaptive traffic control – FUSION

Improved policy driven optimization of signals for all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, FUSION marks a step change from traditional techniques that focus on only minimizing vehicle delay.

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Our hosted fault and asset management system designed specifically for the traffic management market providing extensive database management and reporting features.

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Technology you can rely on

A comprehensive set of tools to manage you individual traffic network helping to keep it flowing efficiently, minimise congestion, pollution and helping to keep your streets healthy.

  • 34,000+ connected devices
  • 100+ Stratos and Hosted UTC customers
  • 99.5% Stratos system availability

Case Study:

Bristol City Council Traffic Control Centre

Poor air quality, delays and unreliable journey times were placing huge pressure on the city’s infrastructure and services, with the transport infrastructure playing a vital role in the city’s continued prosperity. Following Bristol City Council’s continual investment into its transport network to combat these issues together with the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Bristol’s Traffic Control Service was launched in 2017. Find out how the team is now managing the city’s road network using a range of ITS tools and how we contributed to the milestone project.