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TASCAR Enforcement

Helping manage traffic speeds through roadworks to improve the safety of vulnerable workers and road users alike

Using industry-leading technology with unrivalled accuracy and image quality, the Sicore II ANPR camera from Yunex Traffic is at the heart of SafeZone eliminating the sudden braking hazards associated with spot speed cameras.

TASCAR Enforcement Solution

Deployed to enforce mandatory speed limits, the TASCAR solution features our HOTA (Home Office Type Approval) approved SafeZone system incorporating the Yunex Traffic Sicore II ANPR camera.

Installing ‘distance over time’ enforcement solutions at road works effectively controls traffic speed, especially where narrow lanes and contraflows impact on safety. Importantly, this risk management approach helps to protect vulnerable highway workers as well as providing smoother traffic flows and more reliable journey times for the road user.

Sicore technology uses the latest camera sensors to provide evidentially-secure identification in all conditions, lending itself perfectly to this automated TASCAR enforcement solution.

The SafeZone Average Speed Camera System ensures indisputable average driver speeds, recorded at any speed regardless of lane use of volume of traffic.  The cameras provide industry-leading image quality and number plate read accuracy, with the system able top process up to 2,500 fast moving vehicles per lane per hour.

  • Sicore II cameras from Yunex Traffic provide high levels of accuracy and benefit from the latest sensors to provide evidentially-secure identification in all conditions.
  • Able to operate using secure 3G/4G wireless connection to generate full violation records cost effectively.
  • Utilising police sites or our hosted environment in Poole, Dorset the Evidence Retrieval and Control Units (ERCUs) will be set up to collect the data and check for speed violations between defined camera pairs, as well as the Offence Viewing and Decision Systems (OVDS) to view, verify and process offence data.  Where the hosted option is used, Yunex Traffic will send secure evidence to the authorities, significantly reducing with administrative burden.

The SafeZone Average Speed Camera System is mounted on poles and bases designed specifically to suit speed camera hardware.  This engineered system has been designed to work effectively in a full range of locations and conditions.  As always, installation is carried out safely to the highest standards with minimum disruption.

Our exclusive and long term partnership with WJ Group emphasises the expertise involved in the installation, set up, validation and maintenance by the team of engineers, project managers and industry experts.

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Sicore II ANPR camera solution

Using the latest camera sensors to give impressive, evidentially-secure identification in all conditions for traffic enforcement, low emission zone management, tolling or access control.

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Discover the Home Office Type-Approved average speed enforcement system.

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