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Secore II ANPR camera solution

Three lane coverage: 2,500 vehicles per lane per hour

Reliable and rapid identification of vehicles by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a critical element in any average speed control, enforcement or low emission zone environment. Secore II uses the latest camera sensors to give impressive evidentially secure identification in all conditions for traffic enforcement, low emission zone management, tolling or access control.

Secore II has elevated its intelligence capabilities with an enhanced and comprehensive feature set, notably incorporating multi-sensor detection technology.

This innovative detection and tracking technique empowers the outstation to meticulously analyse and process data derived from all deployed sensors—both internal and external. By seamlessly fusing detection and tracking data from multiple sensors, the outstation significantly amplifies its intelligence concerning the deployment environment. This enhancement results in a substantial boost to the capture rate and enforcement of road users, including those with vehicles that may not be visibly detected by an ANPR sensor.

Evidentially secure, reliable technology

Technology that provides performance

Secore II features a powerful quad core ATOM processor and integrated state-of-the-art vision engine; incorporating more than 30 years’ experience of the development of optical character recognition technologies and success of the original Secore platform.

Evidentially secure image data

Secore II uses high dynamic-range image sensors at up to 40 frames per second to produce impressive results and quality for both infrared and colour visible imaging. Tests of the cameras have proved that the camera can read number plates at a variety of distances and in bad lighting conditions, giving clarity and security thanks to the auto-gain adjustment and large depth of field.

Constant connectivity

Streaming with Secore II is possible without interruption to the ANPR process or encryption. Users can stream live footage from the camera even while the camera continues to identify vehicles. Multiple connectivity and storage options also mean that Secore II can be used in a wide range of environments and configurations. With both 4G and Wi-Fi supported and an integrated VPN, it is quick and secure to connect to the camera without the need to work at height or use auxiliary cables.

Wide coverage

Three lane coverage of up to 9.5m with a single camera allows the processing of up to 2500 fast-moving vehicles per lane per hour lane. Which means that fewer cameras are needed and even in high occupancy situations on fast flowing roads, Secore II never misses a vehicle.

Siemens kindly demonstrated Sicore II to me in late 2016, and as someone who has 7 years of ANPR experience in back offices for ANPR in the European market, I was truly impressed with the evident build quality of the hardware, system design and features which the camera brings to the market.  The image quality is a step-change providing enhanced image processing capabilities for a host of end-user applications in the Police and General ANPR market.

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