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Clean Air Zones

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Improving air quality

Increasing numbers of towns and cities are deploying targeted clean air and low emissions zones to address the issue of air quality.

Infrastructure and technology from Yunex Traffic is behind London’s recently expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone as well as Clean Air Zones (CAZs) in Birmingham and Portsmouth. We are also delivering CAZ schemes in Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle.

Our proven ANPR camera-based enforcement solutions discourage older, higher-polluting vehicles from entering specific, designated areas. Results from the zones already in operation show the impact that these positive interventions can have with significant and immediate improvements in air quality. 

We know how important constructive partnerships are to meet air quality targets which is why we work closely and collaboratively with our customers and supply chain partners. Working together, we aim to reduce congestion and harmful emissions in our cities.

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Over four million people die every year from the effect of poor air quality, with 75% of pollutants believed to be caused by vehicle emissions.

World Health Organisation

Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

Our enforcement solutions have been at the core of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone since its introduction in April 2019 and subsequent expansion to cover the whole of inner London, bounded by the city’s North and South Circular roads, in October 2021.  

ULEZ uses our Secore II ANPR cameras to identify and register every vehicle that enters the zone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  This information is then securely transmitted to a data centre where Yunex Traffic software determines the compliance of the vehicle based on its emissions profile.  

Our system has been designed to securely process and store an immense volume of data, such that it constitutes a strong basis of evidence and can be used for notifications of charges and penalties. Vehicle data from the ANPR camera network is also used by Transport for London for scheme analysis and reporting, and to assist with their traffic management operations.

Facts and figures

With reductions in non-compliant vehicles and subsequent CO2, PM2.5, NOx levels it’s clear to see the positive impact our technology and the Ultra Low Emission Zone has had on London’s air pollution.

Uniting what’s next in traffic

Parking Review – February 2022 edition

Yunex Traffic provides proven technology solutions for clean air schemes, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and moving traffic enforcement.

Taking the initiative

Cleaning the air we breathe

Clean Air Zones are proven to be an effective approach in tackling air pollution in our towns and cities. But there are many solutions available to improve air quality all of which can be used as a standalone option or as part of a wider integrated clean air strategy.  

Secore II ANPR camera solution

Using the latest camera sensors to give impressive, evidentially-secure identification in all conditions for traffic enforcement, low emission zone management, tolling or access control.

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Zephyr Air Quality Sensor

Measure and monitor your network’s ambient air quality and integrate into your traffic management applications.

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Electric Vehicle charging technology and unrivalled nationwide maintenance offerings. Our EV charging solutions are based on proven technology and designed for long-term deployment with high levels of usage.

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The UK market leading strategic traffic management solution, with a constantly growing suite of capabilities and system interfaces. Designed to keep traffic managers informed and traffic flowing.

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Traffic, pedestrian and cycle detection. Our sensor portfolio includes proven loop, radar and wireless detection solutions. Providing accurate, reliable data for your traffic management applications.

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