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School Streets Enforcement

Why School Streets?

School Streets help to improve poor air quality around schools where children gather at the start and end of the school day.  They also make it safer to walk, cycle and scoot to school, creating a more pleasant environment and giving children a chance to exercise. 

Our Digital Enforcement Solutions are deployed in over 20 London Boroughs, providing the effective enforcement of school streets, where the roads around schools are temporarily closed to traffic at drop-off and pick-up times. 

Effective digital enforcement

Our Digital Enforcement solutions ensure your School Streets are kept clear of vehicular traffic at school pick up and drop off times, helping to keep children and parents safe and free of traffic fumes, whilst promoting active travel choices.

Our LaneWatch automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are at the heart of the School Streets enforcement solution. Designated “School Streets” are typically just one road with a camera at the start and end of the zone, but multiple roads can be covered by the installation of additional cameras. Each camera is configured to monitor vehicles entering the area during specific periods, as part of a seven-day configurable schedule of enforcement.

The system accurately identifies potential contraventions in real-time, with video evidence recorded to give a contextual overview, and still images capturing each vehicle’s registration plate. The overview video allows the system operators to establish if there are any extenuating circumstances for the contravention.

Advanced camera technology

Our LaneWatch Mk3HD camera is a sophisticated traffic monitoring device, designed for automatic on-street operation in all weathers, 24/7. Its evidence processor manages the ANPR, video analytics, evidence processing, vehicle identification, authorised user lists and operating schedules. Fault monitoring software automatically detect faults and remotely alerts the our Service Operations Centre for remote diagnostics and repair when necessary.

Key camera features

  • Automatic contravention detection
  • Twin High Definition (HD) camera modules, for contextual overview images and close-up identification images
  • Exemption lists
  • High-definition video recording
  • Integrated Evidence Processor
  • Automatic fault monitoring
  • 24/7 operation / scheduled operating times
  • Full connectivity including fixed and wireless LAN and 4G operation

Enterprise based solutions

Our Digital Enforcement Solutions are usually provided by Yunex Traffic as a fully-hosted service – offering secure, accessible and scalable solutions with the knowledge that our experts are maintaining and optimising the solution at all times. Our hosted solutions are both low risk and affordable and furthermore facilitate secure remote working – a proven benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing Local Authority staff to continue the effective management of their road assets whilst adhering to Government advice to stay home.

Key benefits

  • Hosted solutions provide full-service packages, peace of mind and affordable solutions
  • Established low risk solution, with low operating costs
  • Easy to deploy, redeploy and expand
  • High quality video-based evidence
  • High operational availability

Solution features

  • Local or fully hosted solutions
  • High availability
  • Managed, dynamic and secure data storage
  • Links to all major Notice Processing Systems, including Chipside, Civica, Conduent, Imperial & Taranto
  • Gateway Interfaces to third party enforcement and video recording devices (typically Mobile Enforcement Vehicles)
  • Interfaces to major permit applications facilitating for example, resident parking

Installation and Project Management

We are able to manage your entire enforcement project which makes for a quick and efficient installation, meeting all of your requirements, those of the end-user and also all associated CDM regulations.

Our Project Managers are trained and qualified in undertaking deployments ranging from single units to deployments of over 100 cameras in a single phase.  We also provide other project services such as:

  • System design / Consultancy
  • Site surveying and suitability studies
  • Preparation of detailed Project Plans
  • Preparation and issue of all RAMs
  • Adherance to CDM requirements
  • Full installation and commissioning with User Acceptance Testing
  • Completion and handover to the Field Support Team

Maintenance and Support

When it comes to maintenance and support, we have unrivalled experience in maintaining on-street technology such as Enforcement Cameras and Traffic Control Systems

Onsite maintenance is carried out by the Field Service Team based regionally across the UK and remote support is provided by the Civil Enforcement Technical Team.

Yunex Traffic’s 24/7 Service Operations Centre can monitor and provide out-of-hours activities, including allocation of calls to standby Engineers.

Mobile data systems allows the service operatives to receive and clear fault details directly into our InView Fault and Asset Management System. 

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Yunex Traffic has your enforcement tool kit

The Yunex Traffic School Streets solution forms part of a suite of compatible hardware and software modules that provide an enforcement tool kit to tackle road safety, traffic congestion, environmental and emissions targets and traffic regulation compliance. 

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