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The first-ever mobile bus lane enforcement solution in New York

Bus lanes are for buses

The problem…

More than 15.5 million people ride the M15 Select bus service every year. For the 44,000 daily passengers who rely on the system in highly congested areas, there is a critical need for quick and reliable public transportation.  A common occurrence in the city of New York is vehicles that are illegally parked or standing for long periods in designated bus lanes.  Keeping bus lanes clear is a vital requirement.

The Automatic Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) solution from Yunex Traffic captures real-time bus lane violations and collects multiple pieces of evidence to ensure that vehicles making permitted turns from bus lanes are not ticketed. Providing a more efficient bus service is key to encourage current and prospective riders and potentially reduce their carbon footprint.

Using technology to keep traffic moving on the city’s congested streets

Did you know that the successful launch of the Automatic Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) system improves commutes for 100,000 daily riders?

Proven technology adapted for purpose

Our technology has been successfully utilized throughout the UK but attached to infrastructure. In New York, it has evolved into a mobile application across three bus routes improving commutes for more than 100,000 daily riders.  This solution represents the first-ever application of this technology to be mounted on buses and plays a key part in New York City’s drive to improve bus speed and efficiency and to keep traffic moving on the city’s congested streets.

A camera is mounted directly on an operating bus, immediately capturing violations that would have required substantially more surrounding static camera infrastructure. This particular application features Yunex Traffic’s LaneWatch cameras to capture the licence plate details of vehicles that obstruct bus lanes, together with advanced video capabilities that record photographs, videos and location information. 

The system monitors and enforces vehicles which are illegally parked in designated bus lanes, allowing for the fact that drivers are permitted to stop for a maximum of five minutes within a bus lane to drop off passengers.  For the system to determine the length of stay, the software solution will identify multiple ‘hits’ from different buses to identify the same vehicle parked in the same location.  The duration of the the stay will then be time-stamped before all the relevant information is then collated into an evidence pack.

Bus-mounted cameras for bus lane enforcement is a turning point for New York City Transit, because for the first time in our history we can help NYCDOT and the NYPD enforce traffic laws that directly affect our service.

Craig Cipriano, Acting MTA Bus Company President and Senior Vice President for Buses of NYC Transit

Performance Results

In the first 2 months of its implementation, there were 9700 violations across three bus routes.  Due to the reduction of non-compliant traffic in bus lanes, bus speeds have increased by 55% since the Automated Bus Lane Enforcement program was introduced in December 2019. 

Craig Cipriano, Acting MTA Bus Company President and Senior Vice President for Buses of NYC Transit believes that they now have an unprecedented level of focus and enforcement efforts to make transit priority such as dedicated bus lanes even more effective, which means faster rides for everyone.

So, why Yunex Traffic?

New York City is one of the most challenging traffic environments in the world. Yunex Traffic was able to combine and adapt GPS, Geo-fencing and ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) into an innovative and much more efficient solution, ensuring the city’s buses are running more efficiently, without being impeded by other vehicles.

By reducing the commute, this solution can potentially improve passenger experience on the more than 2 million daily bus trips served by their system. Our digital solutions are enabling mobility operators worldwide to make their networks more intelligent and ultimately deliver an enhanced experience for road users. ABLE is a perfect example of how an innovative solution can help solve a real and growing problem for traffic managers in major cities.

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