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Fixed Bus Lane Enforcement

Proven digital solutions for the effective enforcement of bus lane contraventions

Our Digital Bus Lane Enforcement Solutions are VCA Approved and deployed effectively by Local Authorities across the UK, ensuring bus lanes are kept clear for use by buses and permitted vehicles only. 

Bus Lane Enforcement solutions keep your transport network moving.  Buses that run on time help promote public transport travel choices and reduce car usage.

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Automatic contravention detection

The proven Yunex Traffic unattended Digital Bus Lane Enforcement solution uses our LaneWatch Mk3HD camera, a sophisticated traffic monitoring device, designed for automatic on-street operation in all weathers, 24/7.  Its evidence processor manages the ANPR, video analytics, evidence processing, vehicle identification, Permitted Vehicle Lists and operating schedules. 

Fault monitoring software automatically detects faults and remotely alerts the service operations centre for remote diagnostics and repair when necessary.

  • Automatic contravention detection
  • Twin High Definition (HD) camera modules, for contextual overview images and close-up identification images
  • Zoom lenses for easier remote configuration and optimum performance
  • High definition video recording
  • Integrated Evidence Processor
  • Automatic fault monitoring
  • 24/7 operation / scheduled operating times
  • Full connectivity including fixed and wireless LAN and 4G operation

  • Hosted solutions provide full-service packages, peace of mind and affordable solutions
  • Established low risk solution, with low operating costs
  • Easy to deploy, redeploy and expand
  • High quality video-based evidence
  • High operational availability

  • Local or fully hosted solutions
  • High availability
  • Managed, dynamic and secure data storage
  • Supports existing analogue traffic surveillance cameras (for attended operation) and digital IP cameras (for unattended operation)
  • Links to all Notice Processing Systems, including Chipside, Civica, Conduent, Imperial & Taranto
  • Gateway Interfaces to a third party enforcement and video recording devices (typically Mobile Enforcement Vehicles)

Enterprise based solutions

Our Digital Enforcement Solutions are usually provided by Yunex Traffic as a fully-hosted service – offering secure, accessible and scalable solutions with the knowledge that our experts are maintaining and optimising the solution at all times.  Our hosted solutions are both low risk and affordable and furthermore facilitate secure remote working – a proven benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing Local Authority staff to continue the effective management of their road assets whilst adhering to Government advice to stay home.

Civil Enforcement

From cameras to review client software, solutions to keep traffic in cities safe, smooth and efficient, protecting priority routes and preventing blocked intersections.

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Yellow Box Junctions

We have a solution to encourage and improve driving habits keeping traffic flowing efficiently through yellow box junctions.

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Mobile Bus Lane Enforcement solution

The first ever mobile bus lane enforcement solution in New York

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Moving Traffic Offences

These include offences such as driving in cycle lanes, failing to adhere to one-way systems and no-entry signs, banned left and right turns, U-turns, no-vehicle entry points and entering yellow box junctions.

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School Streets Enforcement

Proven digital solutions for the effective enforcement of school streets

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