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Civil Traffic Enforcement

We understand that keeping traffic flowing is fundamental to the livelihood of towns and cities and a key objective for traffic managers.

Civil Enforcement products and services from Yunex Traffic have provided affordable and effective solutions to many authorities, both in the UK and globally.

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Traffic Management Act 2004 Part 6

With Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004, Local Authorities outside London will be granted the power to enforce against moving traffic offences.

Our enforcement solutions are helping to better manage traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

With a wealth of experience and expertise together with an unrivalled portfolio of enforcement solutions, we can work with you to develop the most appropriate strategies and solutions to meet your specific needs in terms of scale and scope and help ensure your traffic regulations are correctly enforced and contraventions are accurately captured. 

Fixed Bus Lane Enforcement

Proven digital solutions for the effective enforcement of bus lane contraventions

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Yellow Box Junctions

We have a solution to encourage and improve driving habits keeping traffic flowing efficiently through yellow box junctions.

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Mobile Bus Lane Enforcement solution

The first ever mobile bus lane enforcement solution in New York

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Moving Traffic Offences

These include offences such as driving in cycle lanes, failing to adhere to one-way systems and no-entry signs, banned left and right turns, U-turns, no-vehicle entry points and entering yellow box junctions.

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School Streets Enforcement

Proven digital solutions for the effective enforcement of school streets

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