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Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs

Safe, sustainable neighbourhood charging

The first EV charging and mobility hub has been successfully delivered in Portishead, Somerset providing rapid charging for electric vehicle drivers.  The hub provides much needed accessible, efficient and reliable rapid charging facilities. 

In partnership with North Somerset County Council, Yunex Traffic has installed and commissioned two rapid charging units for a new electric vehicle (EV) charging hub.

With two 50kW rapid DC charging units serving four parking bays the hub forms part of ‘Revive’, the dedicated charging network, for which Yunex Traffic has installed more than 70 EV chargers for charge points across the South West region. 

The rapid chargers are fast and accessible, typically enabling EV drivers to charge their vehicles in just 30-60 minutes. 

The new rapid charging hub near Portishead Marina, along with the growing Revive network, is a positive move towards our vision of a greener transport system which is kinder to the environment.  The project also serves as a demonstration hub, showing us the ‘art of the possible’.  We hope it will get the young minds of today questioning where their energy is coming from. 

Watch a video here to learn more about this Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Hub.

Cllr Bridget Petty, North Somerset Council’s Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Engagement

Eight Rapid chargers commissioned for new Woolwich EV hub

Working with ESB and Transport for London, we have installed and commissioned eight rapid charging units for the new Woolwich K:Port EV charging hub.  This is the first in a series of purpose-built, standalone hubs to be opened in London, which will provide safe and sustainable EV charging for drivers.

Eight of our QC45 50kW rapid DC charging units have been installed, all of which feature contactless payment terminals which can accept both credit and debit card and mobile phone payments.  Providing EV drivers with convenient charging facilities, the hubs have a similar look to existing fuel stations, but with a fresher, more modern and sustainable feel.

Woolwich Hub: Concept to Reality

With faster charge times (typically 20-30 minutes), reliable availability and minimum wait times, rapid chargers are well suited for ‘on-the-go’ charging and these hubs will address the issue of charging time, one of the key barriers to EV ownership.

Helping to encourage Woolwich Ferry users to switch to EV’s, the hub has been built on brownfield land next to Woolwich Ferry and will use solar panels for zero-energy street lighting.

HV160/350 Electric Vehicle Charger

Convenient charge times of 15 minutes or less. The most powerful charging system: an attractive alternative to liquid fuel.

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QC60 Rapid Electric Vehicle Chargers

Capable of charging from Zero to 80% in less than 30 minutes, each unit can be strategically deployed to form part of a rapid charging infrastructure network.

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QC45 Rapid Electric Vehicle Charger

Capable of charging from zero to 80% in less than 30 minutes, each unit can be strategically deployed to form part of a rapid charging infrastructure network.

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AC Electric Vehicle Charger

From 3.7kVA to 22kVA output, we can provide the AC charging solutions to meet your requirements.

The single or dual outlet AC chargers can be either ground or wall-mounted. Designed, developed and for deployment at workplaces and public charging locations such as car parks and supermarkets.

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