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Zephyr Air Quality Sensor

A global health challenge

All across the world, people are breathing air filled with large amounts of pollutants, damaging their health and well-being.  Many cities and towns wrestle with the constant challenge of poor air quality, with large amounts of contributing particulate matter and nitrous oxide coming from road transport. 

Yunex Traffic continues to develop and implement innovative solutions to support local authorities to tackle and manage the quality of their air.  In partnership with EarthSense; the UK’s leading air quality monitoring experts, the Zephyr® air quality solution has been developed and designed for use on the road network and is now fully integrated into our traffic management solution, providing a new, fully-managed approach to help authorities tackle this global health challenge. 

Zephyr and ZephyrS

Small form, high accuracy

Pollutants are measured in real-time using an active sampling process to ensure ambient air quality results are accurate and reliable.  The sensor includes a fan that draws air in and measures it before releasing it back out again.  This measurement interval is configurable but is typically between 1 and 60 minutes.  The unit measures temperature, humidity and a full suite of pollutants (NO2, NO, O3, PM1, PM2.5, PM10) with two cartridge slots available for either a standard or enhanced cartridge with an additional blank cartridge.  The enhanced cartridge supports further pollutants (CO, H2S, SO2) for more advanced and specialist applications.

Two different variants of the Zephyr® are available: 

  • The first is the standard Zephyr® which includes batteries and can be solar-powered;
  • The ZephyrS® is the other variant which is much smaller and is powered via 24V power supply instead of relying on solar power. 

Installation is a breeze

The Zephyr® can be retrofitted to any traffic signal site where a pole is available with the installation taking approximately 2-3 hours.  With multiple power supply options available, the sensor can be connected to LV, ELV and third party controllers through either a rack-mounted or signal head mounted power supply.  Setup and configuration is also a simple process due to a single multi-functional button with input confirmation displayed via LEDs.

An end-to-end solution

Connection to a dynamic traffic management system is key to enabling strategies that improve air quality levels in towns and cities.  Zephyr® units can be connected to our Stratos platform via an API connection.  The data received in the Stratos Environmental Module can ultimately be used to set VMS and control traffic management strategies based on air quality-related triggers.

Effective management of sensors is also important for a successful air quality management solution.  InView, our hosted fault and asset management system supports the Zephyr® sensor where the unit can be added to a new asset list. 

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We can help you improve the air quality of your network

Zephyr® is the latest addition to the Yunex Traffic suite of solutions aimed at tackling the challenges of air pollution in our towns and cities, providing key data to help you understand the real impact of your transportation network on air quality.  When used in conjunction with our other solutions, such as Stratos strategy management or even as part of a Clean Air Zone deployment, you can act on this information, and create traffic management strategies that prioritise air quality improvement outcomes and make a real difference to the environment.


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