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SmartLoops detector solution

Resilience by design

Following the introduction of our revolutionary Plus+ traffic controller, we have now commissioned the first scheme in the UK to feature the new Plus+ SmartLoop detector solution.  Developed to deliver on-street resilience and reliability, Plus+ uses simple power and data cabling to cut overall installation and maintenance costs.  It reduces cabling by up to 75%, increasing intersection availability and minimising disruption to road users.

Next generation of SmartLoop technology

A narrow swing bridge across the Kennet and Avon canal in Theale, West Berkshire has been the first commissioned site with our SmartLoop detector solution.

While loop technology is well known in the industry, the SmartLoop is the next generation development with significant benefit.  By distributing the loop intelligence, SmartLoops avoid the need to wire each individual loop back to the controller reducing the amount of cabling and civil engineering works required – and the associated disruption for road users.

Heimdall above ground detection

Comprehensive above ground detection of vehicles and pedestrians, using advanced radar-based technology.

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SLD4 Inductive Loop Detection

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WiMag In-ground detection

In-ground detection of vehicles and bicycles using magnetic disturbance sensors and microwave radars.

WiMag In-ground detection

Zephyr Air Quality Sensor

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