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Enhancing Vehicle Perception

Autonomous vehicles are equipped with a variety of advanced technology to safely navigate a dynamic road network. Even with high accuracy on-board sensors (radar, lidar, cameras, etc), the vehicle will require additional information to handle complex

JCT Symposium 2022

Yunex Traffic presented the project at the annual JCT Symposium 2022 held in Nottingham.

The AutopleX Project

AutopleX was a three year collaborative R&D project running from March 2019 to September 2022 and was part-funded by CCAV (Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) and Innovate UK.  

Yunex Traffic was part of the project consortium including Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick Manufacturing Group – The University of Warwick, Transport for West Midlands and National Highways.

The project saw the use of Collective Perception Message (CPM) being broadcast from Yunex Traffic roadside unit (RSU) to the Connected test vehicle, informing of all other vehicle positions and speeds.

“Enhancing vehicle perception using V2X communication”

Presentation recording