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Connected Mobility Solutions

The next mobility revolution

Alongside the concepts of shared mobility and electromobility, the world of connected and autonomous vehicles continues to grow in importance becoming an integral part of the mobility ecosystem.

While often viewed as a future trend, traffic managers and transport planners can prepare for the next mobility revolution today.  Yunex Traffic is already able to offer a range of solutions to level up the road network.

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JCT Symposium – September 2022

Enhancing vehicle perception using V2X communication

Yunex Traffic’s Jack Durdle reviews how connected and autonomous approaches can work together to improve road safety and potentially empower self-driving vehicles to operate in challenging, safety critical and real-world conditions. 

Introducing the RSU2X

The Yunex Traffic RSU2X is the central interface for wireless communication between roadside infrastructure and Onboard Units (OBUs).  The bidirectional communication via the RSU enables both the transmission of information (e.g. speed limits) and the reception of Onboard messages in real time.  

The RSU2X provides key data for a more precise picture of the current traffic situation, enabling more efficient traffic control, a significant reduction in accident numbers and an even greater cut in emissions than possible up to now. 

The future is here

Cooperative and connected systems are already a reality.  In these projects, V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) technology from Yunex Traffic is already helping to prevent accidents, keep traffic moving and improve fuel efficiency. 

Project Partner | Coventry, United Kingdom


  • Improving the safety of semi-autonomous vehicles completing a highway merge manoeuvre
  • Distributing CPM (Collective Perception Message) to the vehicle using ITS-G5 communication to notify of other road user positions
  • Successful merging trials took place at M40 J15
  • Yunex Traffic designed, proved and supplied the V2X sensor fusion system which integrates real-time radar tracking with the RSU

Learn more about the project here

Technology Supplier | Forth, United Kingdom

Project CAVForth

  • Supporting the implementation of a fully autonomous bus service between Fife and Edinburgh, across the Forth Road Bridge
  • Yunex Traffic deployed three ITS-G5 MAPEM (MAP Extended Message / SPATEM (Signal Phase and Timing Extended Message) installations
  • The MAPEM / SPATEM are broadcasted to the bus via the RSU to support autonomous decision-making and validation