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Active Travel Solutions

Travel the healthy way

Walking and cycling are the healthiest and greenest ways to travel. Encouraging uptake helps to improve air quality, relieve congestion and provide a safer environment for all road users.We are helping to support the nation’s shift to more sustainable travel by providing the infrastructure and technology to enable the active travel revolution.

Giving active travel the green light

Efficient and clear signalling is a key step in delivering safe journeys for cyclists and pedestrians.

Low-level cycle signals complement the traditional on-carriageway signals to ensure that waiting cyclists have clear instructions with minimal ambiguity in mixed traffic conditions.

Nearside Puffin, Toucan and Equestrian signals offer a higher level of crossing efficiency and safety compared to other crossing control methods through long-life LED technology and enhanced illumination.

Comprehensive detection

Working in parallel with signal infrastructure, reliable detection of pedestrians and cyclists helps to promote a safe and efficient environment for all road users.

We are able to offer a comprehensive toolbox of detection solutions ranging from kerbside detectors to advanced multi-lane radars which are all designed to enable pedestrian and cycle schemes