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Yunex Traffic appointed as Kempower’s service partner and EV charger distributor in the UK

  • Yunex Traffic has been selected as Kempower’s sales and service partner in the UK. 
  • Kempower’s charging solutions and services are the newest addition to Yunex Traffic’s growing list of service partnerships with electric vehicle charger manufacturers and charge point operators. 
  • Yunex Traffic provides a wide range of supply, warranty, and maintenance support services from 17 regional service centres across the UK. 

Poole, UK, 16 May 2024. Leading electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturer Kempower has appointed Yunex Traffic to provide a range of warranty and maintenance support services for its clients’ charger networks. As part of the new relationship, Yunex Traffic is also approved to supply Kempower’s advanced portfolio of rapid chargers to chargepoint operators (CPOs) and local authorities, as well as public and private fleet owners in the UK.  

Operating from 17 regional service centres across the UK, Yunex Traffic’s field service engineers will deliver a range of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) warranty and maintenance services. This expert and responsive nationwide support capability, coupled with Yunex Traffic’s expertise in logistics and delivering quality on-street service provision, will help Kempower’s chargers achieve the UK Government’s 99% reliability rate, which is a requirement of its new Public Charge Point regulations. 

The new regulations mandate that within a year of them coming into force, all public rapid charge points must achieve at least 99% average reliability. And should CPOs fail to meet these targets, they could face substantial fines or even be prohibited from installing more public charge points until they have taken remedial action.  

We’re excited to become partners with Yunex Traffic as we continue our mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable mobility. Customers in the UK will be able to enjoy convenient, user-friendly, and reliable EV fast charging solutions that serve their various charging needs.

Rolle Nieminen, Head of Sales of Kempower in the UK and Ireland

A complete turn-key solution for EVCI customers

The breadth of our EVCI (electric vehicle charging infrastructure) capabilities continues to expand, and we are delighted to have been appointed an approved service partner by Kempower, with the company joining a rapidly growing list of market-leading OEMs and CPOs as we help to grow and maintain the nation’s EV charger network. 

With a wealth of experience and expertise, our teams are able to provide advice and support to customers who are setting up an EV charging infrastructure, covering everything from site surveys and civil works to installation, supply, and on-going maintenance in a complete, turn-key package. 

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK

As a hardware agnostic service provider, Yunex Traffic can also tailor a service package for customers who have Kempower chargers and/or equipment from other manufacturers, enabling them to deal with just one company, rather than having to identify, coordinate and work with multiple suppliers. And as Yunex Traffic will also be able to install and commission Kempower chargers, the company will have a full history of each charger, ensuring it is able to correctly set up the required levels of service provision for each specific location and individual CPO.