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Yunex Traffic and Lifeskills join forces to promote road safety education

  • The partnership between Yunex Traffic and Lifeskills in Bristol will help deliver vital road safety messages to young people and communities.  
  • In the last twelve months, Yunex Traffic facilitated Lifeskills places for 682 young people, and road safety education for over 10,000 more.  
  • The partners are determined to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities, and to build a safer future for all road users. 

Poole, UK, 11 June 2024. In a significant move aimed at enhancing road safety awareness and education, Yunex Traffic has entered a strategic partnership with Lifeskills, the pioneering organisation dedicated to equipping young people with essential skills for navigating the challenges of adulthood.  

This collaboration will help strengthen the impactful work of Lifeskills’ safety tour, which provides a vital platform for delivering essential road safety messages to young people and communities in an interactive and engaging way. Using immersive scenarios and hands-on activities, the safety tour helps young people develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills, empowering them to make safer choices on the road and elsewhere. 

As children start to travel more independently, their vulnerability significantly increases so having a fresh perspective and industry support from Yunex Traffic means that road safety will continue to play a vital and popular part of our training.

Sam Jury, Partnership and Development Manager, Lifeskills

We are delighted that Yunex Traffic have partnered with Lifeskills to provide road safety education to residents in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset (BANES) and North Somerset.  Working with Lifeskills is a key part of Yunex Traffic’s social value commitments under the West of England ITS (WoEITS) contract through which they deliver complete traffic signal installation and maintenance services across our three authorities.

Paul Garrod, Traffic Management and Network Manager, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Mark Cogan, Highways Electrical & ITS Manager, North Somerset Council and Duncan Venison, Network Operations Manager, Bristol City Council

Delivering safer roads for all

As a world leader in innovative traffic management solutions, we have long recognised the importance of promoting road safety, and through this exciting partnership with Lifeskills, we will directly support vital education efforts, ensuring safer roads for all.  

In the twelve months to April 2024, we are proud to have subsidised Lifeskills places for 682 young people across areas of the UK, with our partnership facilitating road safety education for over 10,000 more across a range of programmes. By extending sponsorship to LifeSkills, we aim to help the organisation reach wider audiences and deliver critical safety education. 

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK

A shared vision for safer communities

Yunex Traffic and Lifeskills share a vision to foster safer communities through education and awareness. By collaborating on initiatives such as the safety tour, the organisations aim to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate roads safely. This partnership shows how important it is for organisations to work together across the industry to address the issue of road safety, and clearly demonstrates the positive impact that can be achieved through close collaboration. 

Determined to deliver meaningful change

As the partnership continues to develop, both Yunex Traffic and Lifeskills remain committed to driving positive change in road safety education, leveraging their respective expertise and resources, to make lasting contributions towards safer roads and safer communities for everyone. 

United by a passion for road safety and a commitment to deliver real change, both partners are determined to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities, and to build a safer, more secure future for all road users.