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Yunex Traffic’s Urban Traffic Control solution now live across all of London 

  • Yunex Traffic has delivered TfL’s ambitious Real Time Optimiser (RTO) programme following a successful, London-wide UTC rollout.  
  • This ground-breaking hosted solution is now managing and controlling all of London’s 5,500 traffic signal sites, replacing TfL’s existing system.  
  • The new system will deliver improved journey times, traffic flows and responses to incidents, as well as better data and customer information. 

Poole, UK, 7 June 2024. Yunex Traffic’s next-generation hosted UTC-UX system is now operating right across London. Delivering TfL’s ambitious RTO programme, the huge rollout of this solution effectively replaces TfL’s existing, ageing system. Through the introduction of enhanced user interfaces, together with new functionality, including automatic database updates, bus priority capabilities and the new UTC system future proofs London’s control system and road network. 

This new hosted UTC-UX solution was installed over a two-week period, with just five migration days and will enable TfL to deliver reliable and sustainable journeys for all road users, extending to approximately 5,500 junctions and pedestrian crossing sites, supporting over 15,000 SCOOT® links, and making use of over 16,000 SCOOT® Detectors.

London’s road network plays a vital role in enabling millions of journeys each day and we’re determined to ensure that people can walk, cycle, take the bus and drive as safely and efficiently as possible. This world-leading new traffic management system will be a game-changer for us in London. It will use new data sources to better manage our road network, tackle congestion, reduce delay for people choosing healthier travel options and improve air quality.

Carl Eddleston, Director of Network Management and Resilience, TfL

An intuitive system that operates directly from a web browser, Yunex Traffic’s hosted UTC-UX solution provides TfL with a range of new features, including at-a-glance system and junction status, and intuitive control features with context sensitive menus. TfL will also benefit from automatic system upgrades, enabling the traffic management team to benefit immediately from new useability and functionality features. 

Yunex Traffic’s UTC-UX system also provides TfL with the enabling platform to support the roll out of the company’s FUSION intelligent adaptive control solution, which will revolutionise the city’s traffic signal control, and will replace the SCOOT® system that has been operating across London for more than 30 years. The system will be pivotal in reducing congestion and improving air quality across the city.  

Continuously monitoring approaching traffic and developing accurate indicators of congestion and traffic disruption using a wide range of modern data sources, FUSION ensures traffic management decisions and target outcomes for all road users, not just cars, are policy-driven. So for example, traffic signal timings can be optimized to enable more people and goods to move around the capital’s road network with fewer delays, or to ensure active travel modes and cleaner air outcomes are prioritised.  

As a result, road users will benefit from improved journey times, traffic flows and responses to incidents, as well as better data and customer information. In turn, this will lead to reduced congestion and improved air quality, making London and its communities healthier, more sustainable and more attractive places to live, work, play and do business. 

We are delighted to be at the heart of this ground-breaking programme, having worked closely with TfL to develop this innovative solution for transport authorities both in the UK and internationally.  

Building on the UK’s track record of developing modern traffic management and control solutions, RTO provides a robust, reliable system that will meet the needs of the world’s largest cities, helping improve air quality, reduce congestion and make sustainable travel more appealing and accessible to everyone. 

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK

This innovative programme was delivered in three distinct phases. Phase One saw Yunex Traffic and TfL’s service delivery team work closely to develop the new, cloud-hosted UTC solution which is now operational as part of TfL’s overall RTO programme. In parallel, Phase Two focused on the development of the new FUSION adaptive control algorithms which, following the successful completion of the UTC-UX implementation, will be deployed across the whole of London over the coming years. Finally, Phase Three now sees Yunex Traffic take responsibility for maintaining the UTC system throughout the rest of the contract term.