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Yunex Traffic launches Plus+ Advantage to replace temporary traffic signal schemes

  • Plus+ Advantage is the only permanent traffic signal solution to support temporary standalone signal functionality.
  • Permanent Plus+ equipment can be used during site construction to reduce project complexity, timescales and cost.
  • The solution thus significantly reduces carbon emissions and minimises congestion and disruption for road users.

Drawing on the unique features and architecture of its Plus+ traffic signal control system, Yunex Traffic has launched Plus+ Advantage, an innovative solution which allows complex signalised traffic intersection schemes to be delivered without the need for a separate temporary traffic management solution. This significantly reduces cost, carbon emissions, time and disruption to users.

The installation of a signalised traffic intersection requires civil engineering works, which in turn require lane closures and the installation of temporary signals. Traditionally, these temporary schemes add significant cost and complexity to signal installations, extend project times and cause disruption to road users and pedestrians, with the resulting congestion impacting on air quality.

To address these issues, Yunex Traffic’s Plus+ solution provides a new approach to traffic signal control, where intelligence and infrastructure are distributed around junctions. This leads to a significant reduction in the number of copper cables used, a much-simplified installation process and reduced overall scheme costs. The new Plus+ Advantage draws on these system features to enable even complex signalling schemes to be deployed without the need for temporary traffic signals.

Unlocking traffic signal scheme performance and cost benefits across the UK

Our Plus+ traffic control system is now operating in projects across the UK. By providing high resilience, and lower overall scheme costs our solution offers many benefits to local authorities and consequently reduces disruption for road users. Additionally, the reduced use of copper contributed to a lower embedded CO2 footprint.

We have launched Plus+ Advantage to address the problems of temporary signalling, particularly to deliver reductions to cost, carbon emissions and project length. With low level cycle heads also now in the Plus+ fold, as well as controllers with a smaller footprint, the system really is living up to its claim of revolutionizing traffic signal control.

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK

The system maintains connectivity with UTC throughout the whole project

Plus+ Advantage uses a fully compliant TR2500 traffic control system, meaning network connectivity with UTC is maintained throughout the scheme deployment. So even in the construction stage, the traffic signals can run under UTC / UTMC, SCOOT® and MOVA control – with full integration of pedestrian and cycle movements.

Consequently full, uninterrupted coordination can continue right through the project, from construction to permanent deployment, resulting in less disruption, less congestion, and less road user frustration.

Plus+ Advantage uses the permanent signal equipment as temporary equipment during the scheme deployment phase. The Plus+ controller is installed in its permanent location and temporary poles with the signal equipment are installed in temporary bases. As civils works are completed and new poles installed, the Plus+ signal equipment in the temporary locations can be transferred to the new permanent locations.