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Yunex Traffic introduces fully integrated contactless payment for EV chargers in the UK

Poole, United Kingdom, 9 February 2023. Yunex Traffic is rolling out a new contactless payment solution to its electric vehicle…

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Committed to Manufacturing Excellence

Simon Martin, Head of Global Manufacturing for Yunex Traffic provides an insight into our Poole-based operation and how we manufacture more than "just traffic lights"

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Mundys visits Yunex Traffic UK

Experiencing ground-breaking ITS solutions and a strong partnership. The UK is one of the most important markets and businesses for…

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Tackling energy and supply chain pressures

David Marsden, Services Director for Yunex Traffic UK discusses combatting rising energy costs and supply chain pressures through intelligent design.

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Improving air quality with Low Emission Zones

We discuss the benefits to air quality with the implementation of low emission zones in the UK's city centres.

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Intelligent traffic systems (ITS) in the UK

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Siemens Mobility Limited's Intelligent Traffic Systems business, turns our thoughts towards intelligent traffic systems (ITS) including comments on traffic volumes, air quality and electric vehicles.

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Clean Air Zones post-pandemic

James Riley, Head of Enforcement Business Development and Sales, discusses how the pandemic has affected plans for Clean Air Zones (CAZs)

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How can we meet the UK Government’s ambitious electric vehicle targets?

Scott Bishop, Head of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Yunex Traffic gives his view on whether we can meet the UK Government's ambitious electric vehicle targets.

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Protecting school children and the environment

Noel Frost, Head of Global Enforcement, reveals how Yunex Traffic's School Streets system makes towns and cities safer for children by reducing road traffic, improving air quality and supporting solutions to the climate crisis.

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