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Improving air quality with Low Emission Zones

We discuss the benefits to air quality with the implementation of low emission zones in the UK's city centres.

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Tackling energy and supply chain pressures

David Marsden, Services Director for Yunex Traffic UK discusses combatting rising energy costs and supply chain pressures through intelligent design.

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Kenny Scouller, Head of EVCI Sales for Yunex Traffic

EV World Congress 2022: Interview with our Head of Sales for EVI

We had a quick chat with Kenny Scouller, Yunex Traffic's Head of Sales for EVI, on some of the challenges facing the sector in the build up to 2030.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Interview with Head of Product Management

Our Head of Product Management, Martin Andrews explains how sustainability is integral to our processes.

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Sustainability at Yunex Traffic: Clean Air Zones

How can Clean Air Zones improve air quality in cities? An interview with Wilke Reints.

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Is it time for a new approach to the supply chain?

Gavin Trimnell of Yunex Traffic discusses changes in supply chain operations in response to current global affairs.

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Intelligent traffic systems (ITS) in the UK

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Siemens Mobility Limited's Intelligent Traffic Systems business, turns our thoughts towards intelligent traffic systems (ITS) including comments on traffic volumes, air quality and electric vehicles.

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Clean Air Zones post-pandemic

James Riley, Head of Enforcement Business Development and Sales, discusses how the pandemic has affected plans for Clean Air Zones (CAZs)

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How can we meet the UK Government’s ambitious electric vehicle targets?

Scott Bishop, Head of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Yunex Traffic gives his view on whether we can meet the UK Government's ambitious electric vehicle targets.

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