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Meet some of our Apprentices and see how they are developing #SkillsforLife at Yunex Traffic

The traffic systems we design, build, install and maintain are constantly evolving. And our Apprentices and Early Careers teams play a key role in developing the latest traffic technologies and bringing innovations to life all over the world. All whilst developing life-long skills and earning whilst they are learning!

Erin, Autumn, Freddie and Jordan are all located in the UK and are transforming traffic with their teams. Let’s get to know them!

Hi all! Thanks for speaking with us. We’d love to hear more about your roles and what you do.

Erin: I joined Yunex Traffic 18 months ago as a Business Administration Apprentice. When I first joined the team, I helped with the day-to-day operations of the Training department which involved booking medicals, travel and training courses. I then took on the responsibility of external training where I would receive requests for various courses before finding a provider and negotiating any course costs. I am now on a rotation programme where I get to experience different departments. I moved to our Business Excellence team where I supported our Social Value efforts and I am now currently part of our Sales & Tendering team. I’m learning lots of new skills!

Jordan: I joined the company back in November 2020 as a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprentice. Once I completed the course, I was given the opportunity to complete a Level 6 degree in Network Engineering which I am currently halfway through. Within my role, I am the first point of contact for IT Support in our R&D Department. This includes tasks from account support to troubleshooting device issues and network faults. I also maintain an inventory of hardware for R&D such as laptops and individual pc components.

Freddie: I have been with the team for 18 months as part of a Level 3 Manufacturing Rotational Apprenticeship. I rotate around many different departments within our global manufacturing facility, gaining new knowledge and skillsets in each department.

Autumn: I am an IT Solutions Apprentice within our Enforcement team. As part of my Apprenticeship, I work on the support desk where I fix and repair units as well as the configuration of our enforcement technologies. I am the first line support engineer and respond to call outs to resolve any on-street issues too. The role is fun and there is something new to learn every day! I have an amazing team who provide great training and knowledge about our products.

What do you enjoy about your roles?

Freddie: My favourite part is meeting new people, gaining knowledge and constantly learning in each different business area.

Autumn: I love everything about my role as there is always something new to learn! I enjoy learning about our new products and solutions that are helping our customers achieve their needs and goals. It is also amazing to interact with our customers which helps with my communication skills and professional development.

Jordan: I enjoy the experience of encountering issues that I need to analyse and identify a solution for.

Erin: I love meeting new people and understanding where they started and where they are now. I also enjoy building and learning new skills day by day.

Are there any challenges you’ve had to overcome in your Apprenticeship so far?

Jordan: For me, I did not have any prior experience within Project Management so being tasked with updating a new network was a learning experience for me. The project involved deploying new systems and implementing several new policies. 

Erin: Learning that no question is ‘silly’ and if you have a question to ask – just ask! There is always someone to help. Talking in front of an audience was also a challenge I have overcome. I now have more confidence when presenting – whether in person or virtually on Teams.

Autumn: The biggest challenge for me was transferring from a classroom to a workplace environment but the team supported me when getting settled into my new role. Due to being transgender, it was hard to adjust to the workplace especially when I’m currently transitioning. My team has helped to support my transition and accommodate my needs. From the amazing help from HR, our training provider, my colleague Suzana and everyone else.

This UK National Apprenticeship Week focuses on “Skills for Life”. Can you tell us about any skills you’ve gained through your Apprenticeship so far that you’ll take into the future?

Autumn: I have learned many skills such as communication, time management, team-working skills, organisation skills and much more!

Erin: Communication skills. Without improved communication skills I would not have achieved certain objectives which I have now. Being able to ask for a colleague’s outlook on a project/piece of work is very beneficial.

Freddie: Throughout my Apprenticeship, my communication has increased significantly as I am meeting new people when I rotate departments and am often doing tasks where I do not have much prior experience. So, my communication skills have become a vital skill for me in order to learn.

Jordan: Whilst working full time and completing a University degree, I have improved my time management and organisational skills to ensure I keep on top of my work in the office and assignments from the University.

What are you looking forward to after your Apprenticeship?

Erin: I am looking forward to having a permanent role and carrying the skills from my apprenticeship over into my future career at Yunex Traffic!

Freddie: I am looking forward to constantly improving and learning no matter what role I undertake after my apprenticeship.

Jordan: I am looking forward to taking on a full-time role within the business and encountering further challenges whilst increasing my levels of knowledge and experience.

Autumn: I am looking forward to being able to progress my IT career at Yunex Traffic and utilizing and expanding my skills and existing knowledge to help boost my career – both professionally and personally.

If you could say anything to someone considering an Apprenticeship at Yunex Traffic – what advice would you give?

Freddie: Be sure to apply yourself at every point as you will gain a lot of skills and knowledge throughout!

Autumn: To be successful with an apprenticeship I would encourage you to:

  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be yourself
  • Always ask questions and ask for help when you are stuck
  • Be passionate about your role and always continue to develop
  • Be honest and open so we can help accommodate your needs
  • Have a positive and can-do attitude

We are a diverse workplace with people of different backgrounds from gender, religion, race, ethnic background, LGBTQIA+. You should apply! It is an amazing place to do an Apprenticeship.

Erin: Be confident in what you would like to achieve, present and future, as Yunex Traffic will support your every step!

Jordan: It may seem daunting at the start but once you settle in, you will succeed. Take all the opportunities you can to obtain knowledge and ask for help from experienced colleagues when needed.

Feeling inspired? Become a Traffic Transformer! We have many opportunities for you to join us at Yunex Traffic. Check them out today by visiting