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Improving air quality across Birmingham

In October 2023, Birmingham City Council published the latest progress report on the performance of the city-wide Clean Air Zone…

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Milestones reached in Connected Mobility Technology

Did you know that our Connected Mobility technology supports a fully autonomous bus service in Oxford? As part of a…

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Driving down congestion at Dartford Crossing

Did you know that our technology detects and classifies over 150 thousand vehicles a day at the Dartford Crossing? A…

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Driving EV charging infrastructure to 99% availability

Kenny Scouller, Head of EVCI Sales for Yunex Traffic in the UK, considers some of the issues facing those who…

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Committed to Manufacturing Excellence

Simon Martin, Head of Global Manufacturing for Yunex Traffic provides an insight into our Poole-based operation and how we manufacture more than "just traffic lights"

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All electric vehicles by 2030

Wilke Reints, Managing Director Yunex Traffic UK, looks at what needs to be done to support the growth in electric vehicles - especially when it comes to charging infrastructure

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Protecting school children and the environment

Noel Frost, Head of Global Enforcement, reveals how Yunex Traffic's School Streets system makes towns and cities safer for children by reducing road traffic, improving air quality and supporting solutions to the climate crisis.

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How can we meet the UK Government’s ambitious electric vehicle targets?

Scott Bishop, Head of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Yunex Traffic gives his view on whether we can meet the UK Government's ambitious electric vehicle targets.

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Clean Air Zones post-pandemic

James Riley, Head of Enforcement Business Development and Sales, discusses how the pandemic has affected plans for Clean Air Zones (CAZs)

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