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Mundys visits Yunex Traffic UK

Experiencing ground-breaking ITS solutions and a strong partnership.

The UK is one of the most important markets and businesses for Yunex Traffic – not only because the company’s global factory is located here, but also because Yunex Traffic is developing ground-breaking ITS innovations with its largest customer Transport for London (TfL). These innovations will change the mobility of tomorrow. Ugo Govigli and Valter Gavello, Investment Director Intelligent Transport Systems and Investment Manager, Intelligent Transportation Systems of Mundys visited Yunex Traffic recently for a behind-the-scenes look at the local business, to meet TfL and to experience the solutions that make London’s streets safer, cleaner and more sustainable.

“It was an honour that the UK were the first region of Yunex Traffic to be visited by Ugo Govigli and Valter Gavello from Mundys. We were delighted to show them our way of doing business and very much look forward to continuing to work together to reach our full potential.”

Wilke Reints, Managing Director Yunex Traffic UK.

Industry leading ITS solutions: from Poole to the world

Poole is where Yunex Traffic’s ground-breaking solutions are manufactured and shipped all over the world. Products such as the RSU2X, the Blade Controller and the new Signal Heads are manufactured here and are changing traffic all over the world.

Rising prices and supply chain disruptions have taken their toll on the global factory in recent months, but thanks to long and strong relationships with suppliers and proven processes, Yunex Traffic has always been able to deliver to its customers on time and reliably. “We are impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the facility and its ability to deliver the best quality on time – especially given the current challenges in the supply chain. Many more ground-breaking solutions for tomorrow’s mobility are sure to be created here,” says Valter Gavello.

Insights into the cooperation with TfL – a best practice example of working in partnership

Ugo Govigli and Valter Gavello not only visited the Yunex Traffic factory and site in Poole, but also used their stay in the UK for direct contact with Yunex Traffic’s biggest global customer: TfL. Together with Glynn Barton, Chief Operating Officer at TfL, they discussed the challenges the mobility operator currently faces and how they collaborate with Yunex Traffic to solve them.

TfL – bringing safer, more sustainable, and efficient mobility to London’s transport system

As London’s integrated transport authority, TfL is a global pioneer when it comes to making mobility more sustainable, safe and efficient. The Mayor of London is convinced: transport has the potential to shape London. With a variety of initiatives, the city is therefore committed to optimising local mobility so that citizens can move freely and maintain the quality of life in the city. And TfL is putting this mission into practice.

The focus is on three strategies: healthy streets and healthy people, a good public transport experience and new homes and jobs. To deliver these strategies, TfL has worked closely with Yunex Traffic as a technology partner for many years. Together, the two companies are making London’s streets safer, its air cleaner and its cities more liveable.

Cleaner air thanks to the latest ITS technology

One of the ground-breaking projects that TfL and Yunex Traffic have realized together is London’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone. It began operating in October 2019 and after the first ten months of operation research carried out by the Mayor of London’s office showed that ULEZ had made a significant impact. In the central zone, the scheme had contributed to a 44% reduction in roadside nitrogen dioxide and 44,100 fewer polluting vehicles being driven every day, saving around 12,300 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. At the end of December 2020, compliance with the central London ULEZ stood at 85% for all vehicles, with over 90% of cars (excluding black cabs) compliant.

RTO/FUSION: Further reducing congestion and optimising traffic

Currently, one of the projects that TfL and Yunex Traffic are currently working on is the development of RTO and FUSION which will take adaptive traffic control to a new level. A one-in-its-kind global software solution leveraging on the experience and commitment of TfL to making London a sustainable city, that will further reduce congestion and optimize traffic for private vehicles, public transportation, bicycles and pedestrians depending on the strategy and policies defined by TfL.  Once again London and TfL, together with Yunex Traffic, will be trendsetters in the deployment of technologies to improve quality of life and health of citizens in dense urban areas.

I was impressed to learn about the challenges TfL is currently facing and how they are solving them together with Yunex Traffic. It is partnerships like this that we need to transform urban mobility and make our cities safer, more sustainable and more liveable.

Ugo Govigli, Investment Director Intelligent Transport Systems, Mundys